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Our Mission Statement:

The FireFall Army Neutral Zone is exactly what its acronym is and represents: A community of FireFall players, from multiple and diverse armies, who often put their army allegiances to use and/or aside in order to come together as an army-neutral community that is dedicated to FireFall, Red5, and all overlapping communities. All members and guests are free to come and go as they please as long as they adhere to the principles and rules of the community:
  • Always live & play by the golden rule: Treat others as you would like to be treated. Always! Even if they aren't treating you the way you would like to be treated, do your best to try and show them a better way.
  • Be Mindful to/of Others: Relate Skillfully to all circumstances, situations and persons wherever possible. Everyone likes to joke around and have fun, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with being silly, but please ensure you are not having fun at the expense of others.
  • Be Grateful: Feel the joy, satisfaction & rapture that is gratitude! This seems simple, common-sense almost, but we can often overlook it. Experience gratefulness for what we currently have as well as for what we are working together towards what we would like to see. Take the time to experience thankfulness and express that before and after you do anything else.
  • Having FUN is the main goal: as long as we adhere to the above rules, everything is fair game!
  • We also believe FireFall is more than just a game, it's a Multi-Media community experience! Please keep this in mind when you're interacting in any of the various community areas of FireFall including but not limited to: In game, FFANZ &/or other FireFall teamspeak3 and any other FireFall related VOIP, Official Forums, FFANZ forums, other FireFall Community sites, other gaming community sites, official #FireFall IRC, Red5 Studios & Stage 5 Twitch channels, other FireFall stream channels, all FireFall related Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media, etc.
  • What you say or do is your legacy, & it reflects upon us all so please act accordingly!

FFANZ members believe in the Red5 development philosophy of working closely with community feedback in a way that benefits the overall experience of the game in all aspects.

We believe overall the game is going to be a huge success with the proper communication & support between the developers and the community. Although there may be times we don't understand or approve of a certain direction, we agree to test objectively & fairly with an open mind at all times, before giving real feedback.

We encourage positive, constructive, concise feedback to all members of the community, be they players or developers. This again applies on any/all of the various multi-media outlets in which firefall interactions take place.

We encourage round-table leadership and promote leadership by example from within the community by recognizing those who step up & aim to help the community with whatever skills they have.

We are proud to have everyone from gamers, to artists, to webmasters, to coders, to authors, to magical voice personalities, to the silvertounged, to the pure of heart, to the creative & scientific minded alike, from the n00bs, through the tubes, straight to the hearts and minds of the community!

We appreciate & look forward to the opportunity to work closely with the Red5 team as well as their partners, and of course, the amazing community that FireFall is built on.

Never be shy or afraid to step up & offer your services for the good of the community!

Never hesitate to approach appointed/official leadership with questions or concerns anytime.

Much like FireFall, FFANZ is a constant work in progress, so be prepared for changes with the ebb & flow of the game and community direction...

Welcome to FFANZ and enjoy yourself!